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Q: Does Touched Bundles shed?

Very MINIMUM shedding. ( Any hair that is switched on a weft will experience some type of shedding).

Q: How many Touched Bundles do I need?

We suggest lengths 12-16 inches, 2 bundles or more; 1engths 18-24 inches 3 bundles or more ; lengths 26 inches and up, 4 bundles or more. (This is only a suggestion, take your head size into consideration).

Q: How long does Touched Bundles last?

With proper care and maintenance Touched Bundles can be reused and reinstalled at least a year.

Q: What color are   Touched Bundles?

Touched Bundles color will range between a natural 1B and 2 (sometimes lighter).

Q: What products should I use to maintain my curly Touched Bundles?

We suggest "Mixed Chicks" products for upkeep of your Touched Beauty curly bundles.

Q: Can Touched Bundles be colored?

Yes Touched Bundles can be lightened and colored. We recommend having a professional color your extensions.

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